Where can I buy good bread in Taipei?


I see there’s a German-style bakery, but is “Peter” a fictitious character, an ideal that any such German style bakery would hope to project? We may be ready to pay Peterchen a visit in the coming days…and are looking forward to it.

The bread-as-heavy-as-a-brick notions partly describes certain varieties of bread in German-speaking countries. Baguettes are of course light in France and its former colonies that adopted the bread. It’s a bit airy with a brilliant light crisp crust that snaps with a little pressure, and is never thick and chewy. Freshness is counted in hours, if not minutes, and never in days.

The notion that heavy sells the concept of German bread, is correct, but does not capture what it is, fully.


So, did you check out Peter? If you go there before noon, just ask for him… Otherwise, we’ll have a Bielefeld conspiracy brewing.


No, suddenly overwhelmed with work lately, but will post when the time comes. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Wouldn’t it be nice if Peter was from Bielefeld, thus killing two conspiratorial birds with one stone?


Doesn’t anyone think the bread from Carrefour is good enough? I buy the regular and whole wheat baguettes, as well as the Italian (sic…!) bread and I’m pretty satisfied.


Yeah, I’ve chimed in a few times about the Carrefour bread in recent years. It wasn’t always as decent/good as it is now, but I find they have a decent variety of what I would term Western style bread available. It’s good enough for me.


It is only that I’ve personally had enough with the chemicals from massive produced bread. There are enough chemicals in my water, air, clothing, working and living quaters, etc. to add even more to the equation.


A new bakery opened a few weeks/months ago, not sure exactly but I’ve been meaning to add it to this thread for a while and today, being a holiday I’ve got the time. It’s called Magie du Levain and it’s on the corner of Songjiang and Chang An East Rd. From the brochure in their shop it appears they have three locations but all Chinese addresses.
Phone: 02-89783403 – 02-89783404 – 03-2860314

Their breads are very unique and tasty. They are definitely not the typical local bakery selections. Many interesting ingredients; a few random selections:
Fruit bread
Cranberry bread
Pumpkin bread
Orange Chocolate bread
Cheese bread
Coffee bread
Red Wine & fig bread

Anyway, you get the idea; there’s lots more. I’m told they are supposed to be organic though I’ve no idea how healthy they really are but I’ve found their stuff to be quite tasty and prices are not bad.

If you on Facebook they have a link


Correct link is facebook.com/magie.du.levain for Magie du Levain. Looks interesting, will have to try it.


Nope. It is most likely the worst “bread” to find on the Rock. Second icon on her comments.

Think I am 24 months further than my last related post and can update that :

  1. I am OK with the Flavor Field chain for baguettes and German half souredesem variety.
  2. Since 5 years and still, I buy my “pistolets” in the Olympia bakery, near BoAi road. Very - VERY good flour they use - pretty similar to what was my favorite bakery in Brussels beginning of the 90’s.
  3. I de-invested in Maison Kaizer as they seemingly “localized” recipies.


I noticed today that the 2013 Taipei International Bakery Show runs 28/03- 31/03, in case anyone is interested in doing a little research.


I’ll be there with the Italian cooks mafia :smiley:


I’ll tip off the bread Gestapo.


Any bakery for vegans? (No milk or eggs please, just plain old diet bread)


French bread, done right, is just water, flour, salt and yeast. Try Lalos in 101 for that, for instance. They have a foreign (probably French) baker you can ask, and occasionally Mr. Lalos is there as well.


Yesterday I found the Rain Man boulangerie off Zhongxiao East Road … lane 553, alley 2, #3. Good croissants (made in-house), decent European style bread and other goodies … not cheap but affordable.

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There is a vegetarian bakery at Zhongxiao East Road, sec. 4, lane 553 about 50-75m down … no idea about the number … probably 4, 6 or 8 … it’s on the right … could be vegan too

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Just go to any departmental store nearby, you’ll get bread there for sure!


Lutetia, Zhongshan section six Tianmu.


Lalos has a decent sundried tomato cheese bread. Toasts up nicely.


Wendel’s bakery near Zhishan MRT, Flavorfield below the green Sogo at Zhongxiao-Fuxing MRT, B3. Both have many good options. :thumbsup: