Where can I buy green pesto?

Anyone know where I can buy a jar of green pesto for pasta?

I live down in Yilan, but am not far from Taipei.


I use the Costco stuff. I’d give them a call before you go, some items like sour cream seem to be hit and miss. Pesto seems to always be in stock, big jars too 22oz for a few hundred nt.

ShiChih location is probably easiest for you, just off Highway 3. Costco ShiChih

I hate the Costco pesto. Bought it twice and didn’t like it either time. There has to be some place around that sells better pesto.

Carrefour stocks pesto (green variety only).

Yeah, it’s not great… certainly too oily… but it’s as good as anything else available (the Carrefour stuff is awful). If you have a fat wallet, you could try City Super, but really, what kind of self-respecting pesto lover buys pesto in a jar? :wink: DIY!

Have you tried the chainstore ‘Jasons’?


I also dislike the Costco one. I’d try Jason’s instead. (In 101 basement)

Pesto is easy to make though, and really is best if you have it fresh. I make it fresh each time as it doesn’t freeze well.
Basil, pine nuts, garlic, olive oil, and parmesan. It takes 5 minutes. You can get pine nuts and parmesan in Costco. The rest from almost any market in Taiwan.

Can’t get pesto in my local Carrefour.

I know that pesto is easy to make, I used to make it back home in the UK. But Costco is a trek from here to get pines nuts and parmesan (which I’m sure are also heaps expensive). And where can you get a fresh basil plant from? Not to mention that I don’t have a blender…

I’ve not tried looking in Jasons for it though!

You can get pine nuts at the local market cheaper and fresher than Costco’s. Look for a store that sells eggs, rice, canned and dried goods etc. at the market, ask for “song zi”. Costco is by far your cheapest Parmesan source AFAIK. Flower markets will sell basil plants, or you can get it at the market or supermarket as “jiu ceng ta”

The pesto you can buy anywhere in Taiwan (with the possible exception of the overpriced, imported one at Jason’s) is an insult to the very concept of pesto and cooking in general. You have to make your own. I can show you how if you want. I am often in Yilan county over weekends.

Carrefour one is actually fine. Look for the own brand one.

Imo it’s “meh.” at best. De gustibus, I suppose.

Well, it’s fine, not fresh made or as good as some of the jars you can buy in Europe, but good enough to make a quick meal.

I bought some at Jasons in 101. It was like $150 for a small ish jar. Expensive but not crazy. Not tried it yet but can report back when I do. They had a decent selection. They had ones that were way more expensive and some that we dirt cheap but looked horrendous.

But if I stay here long enough I’ll buy a stick blender so I can make my own…

If you want a stick blender, you’re better off buying them abroad. They are really expensive in Taiwan for some weird reason. Got mine off Amazon and have been enjoying home made pesto almost every week since then. :lick:

It only takes a couple of minutes in a mortar and pestle, no need for a blender.