Where can I buy high quality cargo pants?

I’m looking to buy some high quality black waterproof cargo pants (工裝褲). I’ve tried looking online but all I find is cheap stuff from China so I would like to find some sort of store that sells these type of pants where I can try them on and find something perfect. Does Taiwan have army surplus stores? They may have what I’m looking for but I’ve never seen one myself. I live in Xinzhuang but work in Tianmu so anywhere near either of those places would be convenient for me to visit.

Lots of stores like this around ximen, they’re bit really army surplus but stores for soldiers and stuff.

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Have you checked Banana Jeans & Co on Tianmu East Road (between SkyGarden and Wovie theater - eastbound side)?

And maybe these guys in the area between Chenghsin Hospital and Taipei VGH might have something?

Here’s something online - I’ve bought from the Decathlon Taiwan website and it’s next day delivery

Will take a look! Thanks

Do people still wear cargo pants? I thought that was a 90s thing!


One of those stores at ATT4fun has a huge variety of cargo pants. Not good quality but cheap.

I thought they were fashion banned.

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Actually I’m looking for good quality and fashionable shorts. Taiwan is too hot for pants most of the year.

Of course, it still looks cool and personally I need my 4 pockets.
For instance I cannot take a long flight (typically Taiwan - Back home for Xmas) without cargo pants. It’s more difficult to buy one nowadays than 15 years ago.

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