Where can I buy oil filters for my 2.3L Ford Escape?

Hey guys, where in the HsinJu area can I buy a oil filter for my Ford Escape? I hope I don’t have to go to Ford to buy one, or if I do it isn’t so expensive. I’d like to start doing the oil changes myself, as I don’t know if when one goes to a shop if
they DO change the oil filter when they change the oil. Something tells me that they don’t, I don’t know for sure, as my wife in the past has taken the car in to do the oil changes and I haven’t seen the work the shops do to know if it’s done or not.

Since we’re on the topic of changing the oil, how much oil is needed and what grade of oil should I use? Also, for the rear differential, how much gear oil is needed for that? I have a lot of 85w140 gear oil (maybe 8L of it) so I could do that as well.

I know I’m more comfortable working on my scooter than I am a car, but I think these simple things I can do myself, so I’d really like to know these things…