Where can I buy rubber stoppers/corks?

I’m looking for rubber stoppers/corks (see image below). Ideally the ticker/bigger ones (at least 7mm length), full disclosure I’ll be using them to stabilize some furniture I’ve bought.

Hua Yin Jie Shopping District. This store and others on street and area have wholesale bottle, container, etc. supplies.

No. 11-6號, Taiyuan Road, Datong District, Taipei City, 103
02 2556 1551

Or check neighborhood hardware store search Google maps for 百貨.

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Thanks! I’ll check it out tomorrow or some other time this week and mark this as solved once I’ve bought it.

Good luck hope you can fix those furniture stabilization problems.

Don’t forget to super glue to floor in case of earthquake. (Joke lah)

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You could also try the chemical supply shops just west of Zhongshan MRT. Exit the MRT, walk west until you reach the traffic circle, turn left down the main road on the southwest side of the traffic circle. Looks like it’s Chongqing N. Road going south from Nanjing W Road.

It’s in the same general area as the packaging store T mentioned.

I think you’re thinking of Tianshui Road? :slight_smile:

I think Tianshui is the major road before Chemical Alley. There may be some shops on it as well though.

Hmm, not sure. I thought Tianshui Road itself is the chemical street. It’s where I’ve always gone and where I’ve seen all the chemical shops I know of. Maybe I’m wrong though.

Thanks for all the tips, I still haven’t had the time to go there but I’ll be sure to check them out this weekend.