Where can I buy skate clothing online?

Hey, I’m moving to Kaohsiung in November and I hate “offline” shopping so I’m looking for an online skate shop (similar to let’s say hardcloud.com) with brands such as hurley, volcom, atticus, macbeth, quiksilver, billabong, vans etc. Is there anything in Taiwan, or even outside with reasonable (under US $10) delivery prices? Thanks :slight_smile:

I like this store:


Very funny, but that was the first thing I tried. I could only find certain manufacturers’ websites not a retail store that would sell all those brands.

Not sure if they carry your brands, but one of my boys has a skateshop in Ximending called Delta.
You can check them out.


ruten.com.tw has stores carrying them. Just search a brand or two, and click through to the seller’s page.

Leftywang81 - well it doesn’t necessary have to be those brands. I like skate clothing in general. Thank you I’ll check it out once I’m in Taipei.

cfimages - thanks, is it something like ebay? I don’t know if I understand it correctly (I can’t read Chinese at all), but the option to have it sent over to a convenience store and then pick and pay for it over there seems cool.