Where can I buy some phonics flashcards?

Sorry if this has been asked before. I did a search and couldn’t find it. I’m looking for a set of hard-wearing phonics flashcards. Are there any shops in Taipei that sell teaching supplies?

Thanks for the help.

PM Taffy, I think his flashcards will do what you’re looking for.

I think he’s asking about English phonics, for teaching English, in which case Taffy wouldn’t have what he wants.

The Bookman stand at the book fair had a very nice, illustrated collection of phonics cards and books. If I was still teaching, I would have bought them.

Bookman is the bookstore on top of McDonald’s in Gonkuan, in front of Taida’s main entrance.

By the way, the fair I think is still open today.

Try SmileKids in Shi-Da.

This link is dated but it’ll get you there:

They’re open 12-5, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday