Where can I buy this motorbike?

Hey, can you guys please tell me find where I can buy a secondhand motorbike ( not so expensive please lol around NT$30.000) like this type of bike :

I’m living in Taoyuan,chungli. Thanks alot

Pretty much any used motorcycle shop will most likely have one of those. They are extremely popular, but are hard to find in good used condition.

Yeah man, pretty much at any motorcycle shop. There are a bunch of “bigger” shops around the #1, Yang Ping Rd in Chongli, but I forget the name in Taoyuan. Just shop around, if you don’t speak any Chinese, you might want to take a friend with you to help barter a little. Anyway you can easily find a used one and in good condition for that price. I found a nice bike like that for a friend of mine about 2 years ago that had upgraded suspension, front Brembo brakes, and an aftermarket exhaust for $25,000nt at one of those random shops. My friend still owns it, he takes care of it, and it has only given him the minor usual problems a bike has (broken cables, broken chain, regular maintenance, etc.) It has been all over the island too. Good luck.