Where can I buy USA stamps in Taiwan?

As title. I know the post office here doesn’t have any but a friend needs some by tomorrow to apply for his graduate programs.

hi shoe shopper,

did you try www.usps.com ?

they could probably ship them for you

many people buy stamps for collecting, so usps could probably ship them, of course, the sooner you need them the more it will cost.

i could not see any place in taiwan selling american stamps.

this may be your only option to buy us stamps while overseas.

of course, if you are sending from taiwan, you only need country of origin stamps to get it where it needs to go.
you dont need us stamps to mail from taiwan to us, you only need taiwanese stamps.

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I assume your friend needs these stamps to pay for return postage. Most countries have international coupons for just such purposes, but again this is Taiwan.

* International Reply Coupons are available at post office in each country (except Taiwan).[quote from a Japanese language academy]

Your friend is applying for a Graduate School Program. An institute of

if that is a common necessity i would suggest asking around nanyang “bushiban” street near taipei train station. if that fails stamp collector shops near main post office nearby could be last resort

Goodness! Your friend is cutting it awfully close. He’s aplying for Graduate School! This is an institution of higher learning!

Get on the horn, call the admissions office tonighght and askthem if they would accept a bank check drawn on US funds for postage. Or why not ask a US friend to FedEX the postage to the university and have them glue it on for you. Regardless, you can have a bank check ready to go by tomorrow morning to pay for the postage.

Can’t something be worked out? Again, it would be safe to assume that this school may have some international students. I’m interested to know how this turns out.

Thanks for all the information. : )

I told my friend all these possible ways but it was too late. He’d sent the paper out without USA stamps. :unamused:
I blamed him for asking me that so late. He knew he had to buy USA stamps four days ago. :noway: