Where can I cash my Canadian money order?

I just received a ‘World Money Order’ from some family in Canada. It was purchased at RBC. I don’t have my ARC yet, nor a local bank account. Does anyone know where I can cash it - hopefully without paying too large of a transaction fee?

you can probably cash it at any bank. just bring your passport. you might want to open an account as well in case they make you wait a few days. i’ve cashed personal checks before but even with my taiwan tx return, the bank waited a week to make sure it would clear before depositing it into my account.I know money orders are as good as cash, but this is taiwan… :s

I’ve had the most problems with China Trust and the best service from Chang Hwa.

Any bank will allow you to cash the money order for a small fee. Just use your passport and your all set. The fee is anywhere from 150-250NT.

Try ICBC or Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank. HSBC would be another decent option. Good luck.