Where can i find a baby intercom?

im looking for a simple intercom device in order to hear if the babys crying from the other room. so far i’ve found one in some fancy baby shop but it was realy expensive.

Just steal a traffic cone and cut the ends off.

Around hospitals with well-known ob-gyn clinics there are clusters of not very fancy baby stores. Taipei Adventist on Bade Road and Taipei Women’s and Children’s on Fuzhou Street come to mind.

dudzaar02 ,

If you are Ok with a second-hand one, post a wanted to buy at http://www.parentpages.net. This time of year, families start moving on and clearing out. I know a couple of families are getting read to post their “for sale” messages.

I think I have one at home (unless my wife gave it away already). It was a gift from my parents, and it’s never been opened. Post or PM me if you’re interested. I’d make you a good deal on it and I live right by the MRT.

Across from Fuzhou: Lindam wallis talkie style. NT$1990