Where can I find a Blue Tooth Keyboard for a PDA?

Hey folks,

I want to get myself a PALM TX PDA.

One of the reasons I like PALM OS PDA’s is because of their stability and the fact that its usually a cinch to hook a keyboard up to them.

My PALM IIIc + keyboard is finally ready for the scrap heap.

I’m trying to find a ‘Sierra’ Blue Tooth Keyboard by a company called ‘Thinkoutside’ / ‘Igo’ here in Taiwan.


I’ve checked everywhere in Taichung and its yielded nothing.

Can anyone in Taipei recommend a place to check out?

Thanks in advance.

P.S. I’ve already check www.pdaking.com.tw

If you like, I can check it out for you. But I would need about 3 days =P…
let me know if you are interested =). (henry.chang@qbitonline.com)

I’m interested.

Looks like that particular brand and model is not available in Taiwan.

There is an alternative.

Just-Mobile Roky2 bluetooth fabric keyboard.
just-mobileonline.com/produc … ies_2.html

NT$3300 (add NT$100 for door to door shipping anywhere within Taiwan).