Where Can I Find a Christmas Ham?

For some reason Taipei is full of heretics who think roast turkeys get to hog two holidays to themselves. Some of us on the other hand know that ham is the one true centerpiece of the Christmas dinner. So, does anyone know someplace in Taipei which will sell a take-out Christmas Ham?

(And sorry, Post Home doesn’t have ham anymore, despite the banner ads on Forumosa.)

Good man, someone who understands that it’s pig for christmans, not some dry old bird :wink:

Florida Bakery is doing hams (and turkeys) again this year. One branch is on Renai, near the Tunhua traffic circle, and another branch is on Zhongshan, Section 3, I think.

The hams are cheaper than the turkeys, too, if memory serves.

Bummer to know now. We couldn’t find the hams last weekend. Had to settle for pork tenderloin … oh well.

Cool, we’re within walking distance of the Florida Bakery on Zhongshan. Will check it out.

I understand from Rick, today, that the Hams are back. They were just sold out earlier. I’ll be re-directing the banner ads to point to their online order form. This will hopefully help them manage their orders better. I expect to get the web address of their order page shortly

We had a nice Christmas Eve dinner from Florida Bakery tonight. For $2580 you get:

  • large pineapple roasted ham
  • two cups of honey mustard
  • yams
  • large pumpkin pie (there were some other choices but I stopped listening after pumpkin pie)
  • two packs of tortillas
  • one pack of tortilla chips
  • two bottles of fresh salsa

They had everything neatly packed in a cardboard box waiting for us.

They also have a turkey based dinner available as well. They recommend calling in advance to reserve a dinner.

Sounds yummy, but Christmas tortillas???

Better than corn pizza.

Better than corn pizza.[/quote]Uh, yeah. But then so’s a lump of coal in your Christmas pudding.

It just feels wrong, in that ‘nice try, but no’ kind of way.
Like the spinning, dancing, troop of psychotic ‘elves’ in front of Idee this evening. I wish I had that performance on tape.

Think of Santa’s little helpers on a bad acid and tequila trip with Hunter S. and Tim Burton.