Where can I find a decent dog bed?

Wasn’t sure if this should go in the other category, but being pet related I figured this section won out!

We’ve adopted a dog who lived on the street outside our house, a border collie cross I think. She’s been to the vets, and is settling quite happily into our little family lifestyle - but she’s still missing a proper bed.

We want a bed that is comfortable, the right size for our dog, and looks good.

Comfortable is easy enough to find, getting beds the right size for a collie is a little trickier but doable, but good looking beds are proving next to impossible. We don’t want a miniature canopy bed in our living room, nor a banana shaped bed, nor a flimsy piece of plastic, nor something with pink polka dots.

Does anyone know a place we can go shop for a decent looking dog bed?

Thanks in advance!

The Doggie Store (huge dog on the roof) near NeiHu Costco, or Costco also has them.

I got a large round bed at costco, faux fur, you can vacuum it, very comfy, looks ok and doesnt scream dog bed. It was about 900 nt

Costco… i bought there the bed for my Golden Retriever and now for my French Bulldog, and the best thing is that they are not disposable as they have a zipper and you can wash the outside and the inside… what i do is that as soon as i get it home i take the inside part off and put it inside a plastic bag and then put it back in the cover, this way the “foam” doesnt get dirty and i only have to wash the cover part!!

Doggy House (with the huge plastic dog on the roof) has closed down. Costco defintely has the best quality, nicest, and largest dog beds in town.