Where can I find a good plastics parts factory in Taiwan?

Didn’t know where this thread would belong in so I thought I’d post in this subforum.

I’m presently looking for a good quality plastics factory in Taiwan and wondered if any
one on this board would have any recommended ones. More specificly, it’s plastic
injection molding such as for motorcycle plastic parts.

Any suggestions and recommendations would be very welcome, thanks!!


hi Mike,

It’s been a while since you posted, but maybe you’re still looking.

My father-in-law has been running a small plastic-injection factory in Tainan for what must be over 20 years. He got one of the few plastic-injection factories left in Taiwan where he mainly produces high-end kitchenware for the Japanese market, but his machinery could probably deal with your request.

If you need tooling and assembly I also got some relatives that can help you out. (I married into a family with lots of people in the plastic-injection industry. :slight_smile: )

Also got connections in China if you’re looking for large scale plastics manufacturing.

PM me if you’re still looking.