Where can I find a site that sells concert tickets?

My niece whats to goto the Super Junior concert in February and we are having a hard time finding a place to buy tickets for it. I haven’t really gone to too many concerts here in Taiwan so I don’t know where to find tickets.

I don’t know too much about Super Junior so I can’t really do good search on the net for them, so if anyone can help out with this one that would be great.

I thought you could get things like this in 7-11 these days. That i-bon machine thingy they have in their stores? Never used it, though.

I think FNAC sells tickets for most major events.

Try to find websites for ERA tickets, or Kingstone bookstores.


You can buy tickets through IBON at the 7-11. If you trust the 7-11 staff to help you, take the Chinese information along and they will help you navigate the system.

Thanks everyone, I am still running up against a wall but I think going to the 7-eleven I might be able to get the tickets. I have been here 4 years and it still amazes me all the things you can do at a 7-eleven :laughing:

I guess I will be taking my niece along with me so that she can help me to figure out which one is the proper event that she is looking for.

superdome.com.tw/ is selling the Super Junior tickets.

Standing - 4,000NT$
Sitting (2nd Storey) - 3,500NT$
Sitting (3rd Storey) - 1,800NT$ / 800NT$

I think the standing tickets go on sale on the 29th of this month and the others later in December. I am not sure though.

Lucky girl, I want to go too XD

Thank you Sunsetglow … I know I am a little slow to reply, but I have been so busy its not funny, which leads to extreme laziness when I am free.

I looked over the website you sent me and I think this is a good place to get the tickets. Well any way they should make for a good Christmas gift.

Thanks again everyone for your help