Where can I find affordable rental?

Where can I find affordable rental?

Taiwan is a good start compared to other developed countries.

Help us out. Where are you looking to rent? General locations: city name, north/south etc.


Taipei city, with its own bathroom, can cook, not too far from MRT.

Also are there any websites / venues particularly for foreigners to look for rental ?

Thank you.

Look to New Taipei City, and don’t rent any of the fancy apartments. Danshui has a lot of cheap apartments.

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Some threads here might have useful info.


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591 is your friend. That being said, what to you is an affordable rental? A lot of cheapo apartments here only have a hot plate, but that’s because people seem to prefer eating out.


Try to sign long term leases. You can leave the lease easily, but they can’t raise the rent.

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Can’t they refuse to give you your deposit back if you break the lease early though?

I have never ever seen rents raised ever, unless it’s a commercial property.


Yeah, so just make sure to factor in the deposit to your rent calculations. like maybe it’s 10k/month but with 2 months’ rent deposit and you break it early then it comes out to average 11k/month.

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Landlords over time may raise but by very small amounts, dont sign a long lease an annual lease is the standard here.


New laws allow you to break the contract without losing your deposit. You just need to give them notice.

Bullshit. I know lots of landlords raising rents by 10-20% year on year.

I’ve seen it countless times.

Go for one of those illegal rooftop apartments. Tend to be at least 30% cheaper than the regular units below, with the added benefit of a large balcony for barbecues. And they’re safe at least 80% of the time (except during typhoons, earthquakes, fires, etc.).

Aren’t they kind of… illegal, though? Like you could get evicted without a minute’s notice?

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You could, but they only put on a show in a small area every few years so that it looks like they care.

Where 。whats your problems with numbers and details exactly ?

Theres millions of cheap apartments in taiwan, this guy isnt looking for anything special.
None of my landlords ever raised my rent is my experience.
Even if they do its not 10 or 20 per cent a year.

Thats not a new law is it?,You could always give advance notice.

All over New Taipei and Taipei.
Friend had a small apartment in Jingmei. First year, $16,000/mo.
The next year the landlord wanted $18,000/mo.

Another in Hsintien. Big apartment, $35,000/mo. Second year wanted 40K.

I don’t know anyone that’s rented a long time that hasn’t had this happen.
Long leases prevent this and you can break the lease without penalty if you give advanced notice under current laws. Win/Win