Where can I find B and Q or Food Store for delivery


Wanted to know if there is a Hardware Store like B and Q and where can I find a place like this that could deliver needed hardware, and also is there a Food Store that can deliver to ChingShui ? Is there an INSTACART in Taiwan ? or Something Similar ?


Yes, there are B&Q stores in Taiwan (Google).

Pretty sure Taipei has a couple of food delivery services, such as, Food Panda and UberEats. They don’t deliver to my area in Taoyuan so I know nothing about their services.


I think all the B&Qs have rebranded to i-house now. Basically the same thing though. There’s one in Yilan and one in Hualien County/City.

Costco delivers, but I don’t think it includes fresh foods. Also, don’t think they deliver to hualien. Really never checked. Carrefour might but you probably have to go there to do your shopping and arrange delivery with them. You could also do your shopping in person at Carrefour and get 7 Eleven to refrigerate it and deliver it to your place.