Where can I find beef jerky or biltong?

I get it shipped sometimes but need a source here. The taiwan stuff does not even come close for me. I’ve had good stuff from Canada, America, SA and Australia, but any jerky will do. Does Japan do jerky?

costco has pork and beef jerky, and used to have turkey jerky.

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You may notice that Forumosa has a search function. Try it.

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You may notice that Forumosa has a search function. Try it.[/quote]



Ahhhh, are you on about the search function again :blah: :blah: :wall: I searched and did not find beef jerky. :no-no: Do you feel better? Pull up your socks :hand:

Have you tried it JD? Thanks pal. I also know a place in Taichung, it’s called 101. Where is costco? I’m not from the city. Do I need a special membership?

[color=red]I have a friend in Taipei county who makes his own biltong and I have been buying his excellent quality product for quite a few months now. If you’re interested, send me a PM.[/color]

Whitetiger, did you have any success with getting biltong from Gerhardus?

No I didn’t because you mentioned he would not have it until August.

Jerky isn’t that hard to make if you have an oven; you just slice good quality meat very thinly, marinate it in strong spices and salt, then bake it very slowly at a low temperature to dry it. I did it once and it turned out pretty well, I think. That was 15 years ago though. Hmm, maybe I should make some more! :smiley:

Did I? Oops :blush: He did tell me though that he could make it without coriander should anyone want it not quite authentic.

Hmmm, didn’t know that! I thought it could only be made in specially built cardboard boxes or similar materials with a light bulb as a heat source and a small extractor fan. I’ll give it a try your way DB. Thanks!

Well, you can use a regular oven. I was looking through recipes and websites yesterday after posting that, as I’m probably going to make some in a few days. I’d strongly recommend reading a couple of the better sites on making jerky (there are many, just Google) before doing it. You can also find specific biltong recipes.

Here are some good sites:


The basic ideas are:
Use extremely lean meat; it’s the fat, not the meat, that tends to go rancid first.
Flank is a good choice.
Freeze partially to make thin slicing easier. Slice very thinly, about 1/8"-1/4". Thinner slices means faster and more thorough drying, plus the slices are easier to eat.
Marinate in very salty, spiced marinade based on a recipe, 8 to 24 hours.
Use a pan or foil liner to catch drippings.
Lay the strips across steel wire racks in a single layer; don’t overlap or stack.
Use an initial temperature hot enough to kill bacteria, around 160F-180F (not C), for at least 20-30 min, or longer. Some keep it at this temp until done, about 6-8 hour depending on thickness; some lower the temp to 150 or even as low as 120 for the rest of the drying time. Empty or change the dripping pan as needed. Turn pieces over as needed. Check every hour or so.
Bake until meat is dry and only barely pliable but not hard and brittle.
Some leave a small item blocking the oven door open an inch or two to help release the moist air.
Cool completely before storing. Keeps 2-3 weeks, or longer if in airtight bags in frig. (months) or almost a year in a freezer.

Winter’s a good time to make it, as the oven will help warm the apartment.

Have fun!

I used to buy the Aussie Beef Jerky from Costco until I imported my own drier from Namaqualand in South Africa. That Costco Jerky (especially the Black Pepper kind) was a good substitute for SA biltong.

You may want to speak to David at Webspar (webspar.com.tw)
Maybe he can get the authentic biltong (from SA) for you. Nevermind Taiwanderer/Mao Wang/Graham, whatever… just like that doos flag he has on his profile, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about! He wouldn’t bother telling you about WebSpar because (like he said) David “dissed his flag”.

Anyone still supporting this flag:

is a real DOOS!

[quote=“TaiwanSaffies”]Anyone still supporting this flag:

is a real DOOS![/quote]


For those of you who are not familiar with the great South African term Doos, the English equivalent will be “Cu#t” (that rhymes with runt) as explained by the equally great South African Golfer Ernie Els here:


Thank you Ernie! :bravo:

Mike, you hele militere mo#r, jou k#nt. And that rhymes with stront. Stront being sh#t.

Oh, and since he (David from Webspar) dissed the South African flag, he sent me an sms telling me that he would soon be getting a new consignment of goods. He knows more than one Graeme so he didn’t know which one it was so I told him I was the one whose flag he dissed. He reponded in a way that could only make me chuckle, ie “so when are you going to order some more stuff that you can enjoy under your flag?” His response was humorous and lighthearted, unlike your harsh tone, so as a result I decided to order from him after all and forget about what had gone before. You should try it. It’s your right to use whatever symbol/s you want and whereas I used to publicly critisize the new ANC “South African” flag, I no longer do.

Other than that, Kaapseklonkie, get a life! Oh, and if you love the new South Africa and its “leaders” so much why don’t you piss the hell off right back, or even more pertinently, why did you ever leave there?

BTW, I suggest that you learn correct spelling and grammar since you’re supposedly an English teacher. Your posts as well as your Web site are peppered (and I don’t mean the spice) with bugger-ups :wink: )

Cheers Graeme,

I’m sorry for the harsh words. The sight of that flag does that to me.

Luckily you don’t live in SA anymore so this, as well as the anonymity that the www affords you, allow you to publicly show it off. I understand your predicament and I feel for you. Regtig!
Enjoy your new home!

Sincerely yours :bow:

I hope my English is to your satisfaction? It better be because I even did a spellcheck, Bru!
Cheers for still visiting my website. Remember that everytime you do, you make me just a little richer, so visit many times, OK? That way I can keep sitting on the beach everyday. I’d hate to have to return to teaching English again, what with my poor English and all! :laughing:

Hey, no hassle Mike. I respect your right to fly whatever flag you like, even if it gets up my nose. In any event, I don’t think there is a single flag in history which can lay claim to representing a nation with an unblemished human rights record. I won’t insult your intelligence, and yes, I DO think you are intelligent, by hammering out the details. I have friends both here and abroad who are well aware of my views and some wholeheartedly disagree with me on some issues, but we are mature enough to see beyond that and appreciate that there is much more to our collective psyches than simply our political views and/or affiliations. The fact that the “old” flag represents an era of cruel injustice is indeed troubling to me, but what I see in it is the connection it represents with my Dutch, English and Boer/Afrikaner heritage. Nothing more. I do not seek to glorify apartheid because I choose to identify with this flag. Much like, I would venture to say that Americans do not fly their Star Spangled Banner in fond memory of the genocide of thousands upon thousands of native American Indians. Ditto for the Australians with regards to the sysematic drive to exterminate the Aboriginal people of that country. And, and, and…

But I cannot, in good conscience, appreciate even in the slightest, the new flag as it says nothing of my heritage. And if people assume that somebody is a lover of the injustices perpetrated by their countries in the past just because they choose to fly a particular flag, then that is completely narrowminded. If the original flag had been incorporated in any form whatsoever into the new one, then I would have gladly accepted it, even if it DID contain the colours of the ANC, who I think are a bunch of morons. Do you think for one minute that I think it’s great that the Brits caused the deaths of thousands of Boer women and children in concentration camps during the Anglo-Boer War? Of course not. Does that mean I want to burn the original SA flag because it contains the Union Jack? Not at all. ALL of the symbols in this flag represent my heritage.

And yes, I do sometimes pop in to visit your site. Quite cool, I must say. However, there is a bone of contention with regards to a certain upstart Web site that you took digs at. That wasn’t nice.

Just remember that next time you fly off the handle at someone that they may be a lot more than the sum of their parts. And as for the anonymity of the www, I feel less for that. I have a jacket at home with not one, but two original SA flags sewn onto either side of the breast. I get lots and lots of disapproving glares, but I feel rocks, BROER. There again, I get a refereshingly surprising number of winks and thumbs-ups, too.

Cheers mate, and good on you for sticking to your guns. That’s more than I could say for the now-liberal quislings who wallowed in the advantages of the previous dispensation only to become yes-men/ja-broers to the current.

Peace out.