Where Can I Find Blue Cheese

I can’t find any blue cheese in local stores, where can I find blue cheese? Thanks.

May be at SuperCity or any other similar market. There´s one in Sogo, and there used to be another in the department store of BanQiao.

Now, prices are ridiculously high.

Where are you?

These supermarkets in Taipei all have wide selections of imported cheeses, including plenty of the blue variety:

City Super, at the big green Sogo.
Breeze Super, at the Breeze Center.
Jason’s, at Taipei 101.

I get mine at Costco, Junghe. Kinda spendy but . . . sometimes ya just gotta have some bleu with crackers and herring and salami.

Costc is the cheapest around. They used to have a good danablu, however now they got an overly creamy knockoff.

Still OK for pastas and the like.

what about wellmans and willie’s dellie in tianmu ?

Tienmu Carrefour has a few different kinds.

Carrefour is by far the cheapest and best place to get cheese. The one in Tianmu is king but the big branch in Xindian also has a decent selections. The carrefour own brand cheeses are super reasonable.