Where can I find chat rooms that allow characters?

Ching wen dzem ma yong Da Wu Han zi dian nao
ruan jian a? You mei you liao tian a? Hsieh
(Info appreciated on how to set up
character input systems e.g. big 5)
Please list chat rooms that
allow chat in characters. Thanks Hsieh hsieh


Yahoo Chat Taiwan should let you. And please, if you’re going to insist on typing every bloody post in pinyin, can you at least learn correct pinyin? It’s painful trying to unmangle every one of your posts.

Yeah, I really have to second Tetsuo on that one, after checking out all posts by this poster.

Must have learned Pinyin from a Taiwanese road map.

你可以做你自己的chatroom. 用漢字跟老外講有什麼好玩的? 有好多地方可以跟台灣人用中文打字.


That’s my Chinese for the week.

Seriously though. Do a Google search, go to yahoo or something. There’s tons of places to use Chinese on this here Intraweb.