Where can I find Christmas Lights?!

Hey guys,

Wondering where I could find christmas lights to decorate my bedroom? Something similar to the picture below…and must be in Taipei!

Any ideas?

Changan W. Rd behind Taipei train station, starting about where Q Square is.

Wait a few months and you will find them at Carrefour

Thank you so much! So basically starting Section 1 Chengde Road (where Q Square is) and walking up to Changan W. Road? Will i find it on the street or is it in a supermarket or something?

It is a “store cluster”. Like camera street, where you find camera shop after camera shop. Around November -actually maybe October, along with Halloween stuff, but not too early, or at least, not as early as in the West- there you will find gigantic inflatable Santas, Chrstmas trees of all sizes, ornaments, etc. So walk all the way starting around Chengde Road -the old bus station, there is a KFC there I think- down to Taiyuan street and all the way to Zhongxin Road. The shops are not so close to one another as in camera street, so keep walking. There is one I like a lot on Civil Boulevard/Taiyuan street corner.

To be honest, I got mine in the States. They are still up. Outside window. :blush:

Yep, a store cluster, I like that. It’s the street to go to for your plastic crap. After you walk up to Changan Andreas, turn left (to the west). There are a bunch ofseasonal plastic crap stores on Changan and near the intersections, and all around there. It’s a pretty interesting neighborhood.