Where can I find Cream of Rice?

Does anybody know if this item is for sale anywhere in Taipei?

Cream of Rice is in a box and basically it’s like a cereal. You put water on it, boil and voila there you have your cream of rice. I like this because it is easy to digest and healthy enough for lazy days. No fat. No gluten.


Sounds like diabetes in a box to me.

If you look in the supermarkets they usually have a whole shelf of cereal-based products designed to have hot water added and consumed as a sort of soup or drink. Some of them seem to use malted grains. Might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but most of them are quite nice. Probably not very healthy, but nice.

Is this the same as xifan?

“Don’t be gruel…to a heart that’s true!”

This is Cream of Rice and I’ve never seen it here in Taiwan. Same goes for Cream of Wheat, one of my favorites, which I bring back with me when I visit the U.S.



Damn no luck? :frowning:

I’m trying to find a way to get a hand on this item, but I can’t even see them being sold even online that will get shipped to Taiwan. It seems that this product is quite limited in US.

Probably just as well, IMO :wink:

I had a look online and it’s exactly what I thought it was: coarsely-ground rice. You could probably make your own with a coffee grinder. Honestly, though - and I do realise you didn’t come here for dietary advice - the fact that you even like this stuff suggests you have a serious carb addiction. Unless you intend to weigh 300lb and have a handful of heart-disease prescriptions by the time you reach your 50s, I’d think of a better way to feed yourself on lazy Sunday afternoons. Even the bian dang shop has better nutrition on offer than a packet of pure starch.

That’s quite an assumption. I myself enjoy an occasional trip to Coldstone for a decadent, and certainly not healthy, chocolate-lovers ice cream concoction, but it doesn’t mean I have a serious addiction.

False equivalence. Ice-cream tastes nice, whereas starch plus hot water is just wallpaper paste.

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Ha, guess there’s no accounting for taste.

I was just trying to point out that, yes there is: people only feel driven to ingest that sort of thing when their body is on the downhill slope to diabetes. It’s the closest you can get to mainlining glucose. I know people laugh about ‘famous Taiwan food’, but if one is contemplating importing boxes of milled rice when there are a dozen eateries on every street corner then … well, time to take an objective assessment of one’s appetites, IMO.

I know it’s irritating to be lectured when you’re just asking “where can I find…?”, but I can’t just not say anything. It’s like seeing someone ask “where do I buy cyanide capsules?”.

I do quite like durian, btw :slight_smile:


FYI. I’m a bodybuilder and I can assure you I don’t have serious carb addiction. I am taking in 430g carbs on my training days and I am barely moving a pound on my weight. I think it is safe to say, that my health is on point and also, I am bulking.

Ah, fair enough. You’re a bit of an outlier then!

Even so: you do realise rice is quite readily available in Taiwan? Throw it in the rice cooker, press the button, wait 20 minutes.

To each on its own. You can say that oats is pretty much wallpaper. But I like rice in any form. And I like this stuff. Just like ice cream for you is great, but not the same equivalent. Ice cream is just sugar with fats. Cream of rice is mostly carbs, 0 fat and got some protein on it. Also healthier.

Your body will cope with it as long as you’re bulking; it’s not “healthy” in any sense of the word. If you stop training, God help you.

I would, incidentally, say the same about oats. Awful stuff. Fine if you’re living in the Highlands and looking after the sheep all day, but not if you’re going to sit at a desk.

Problem with Taiwan food is that most of them are unhealthy, to be honest.

I walk around the neighborhood and people sell this balls (fishball, squidball or whatever ball), they are nothing but empty calories. Then they will serve you tons of carbs (now, who has the serious carb addiction) then of course to make you feel good and taste good, they have to be greasy. That’s pretty much fat and carbs on a diet with almost to nothing protein.

Salad. They don’t even have one. Unless you order a carb and fat meal with a small side dish of veggies, that’s all you can get

I do. I have a sack of rice. But even then, I don’t want to wait for 20 minutes if I want something quick. Plus, it is like saying, why can’t I have fruit, if I want an fruit popsicle. It is just a different texture and a different meal. And I like variety, and that’s how one should eat anyway.

Come on. Do I have to detail my routine so you will stop giving unnecessary concern with my health? I am even checking my blood glucose to track how well I am digesting those carbs. I have my annual blood check. And I am not going to stop training all of the sudden without any reason. And if my training actually matches my food in take, so yes, my eating habit change accordingly.

Some of it is and some of it isn’t. I must say, I tend to eat basically the same thing every day - huo guo figures heavily - but there’s an awful lot of choice. You can usually find something.

Sure, you wouldn’t want to aim for that particular combination, especially if you’re sedentary. I train heavy and I eat a lot of fat, very low carb; however I would probably modify that if I were not training.

True, but there are plenty of workarounds. Huo guo is one. It’s just a cooked salad, innit? :slight_smile:

I was working on the assumption that you had a desk job. I couldn’t have guessed you were a bodybuilder - you must represent, like, 0.001% of the foreigner population.

One day you will stop bodybuilding - I did - and you might find it harder to change your routine than you imagine. Just saying; take care of your body, you only get one of them.