Where can I find fake American Syrup?

I’m looking for fake “Pearl Milling Company” syrup and Eggo waffles?
Is this a big ask?


I saw maple syrup at least once, Carrefour I think, if you don’t mind settling for the real thing!


Costco has the real thing, too.

Carrefour used to have eggo, but I haven’t seen them in a year or so.

Isn’t fake syrup just sugar?

I bet you can caramelize some sugar to make them…

Fake syrup is better IMO. Aunt Jemima FTW.

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If it’s the same as invert syrup, you might be able to find a tin of Tate&Lyle’s in the baking section of City Super. If fake maple syrup, I’m 95% sure I’ve seen it in Carrefour.

Try here

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You can get the former on Shopee too, presumably with less of a “please-bend-over” premium.

I saw it a few days ago with a view to making caramel shortbread and flapjacks and stuff, but I’m still deciding whether I need more processed sugars in my life.


Thanks to you I just ordered a bunch of poptarts from Sunnyboy lol
No syrup though.

Looking for college syrup

I may yet again need to ask you to surrender your Italian passport! :rofl:


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All of Canada is crying.


It just hits different. Nostalgic.

I’d hit Mrs. Pancakes…

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No hay por donde.

So it’s not available on iHerb? :rofl:


RT Mart usually has pancake syrup. So does Jason’s and CitySuper.

Shopee also has it.

Means my pleasure. Check out Chavo del Ocho.

Buying locally you can go crazy and surpass the 2000 NTD limit.

For example in Yahoo they have

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As Auntie Peng hails from a non Canadian/non maple syrup regularly eating country, I have no idea how good/bad these are and are just presenting them for reference.

Now, if we could find those delicious maple syrup candies, mmmm

They seem to only have real maple syrup now.

But, you can always request they order something specific for you.

I want the exact opposite of real maple syrup

Just fyi…

Edit: Oops, you already know! :doh: