Where can I find French textbooks in Kaohsiung?

I’ve been offered a position teaching basic french. Where can I get some books?

Try any decent sized branch of Eslite. The branches here in Taipei have lots, so I expect they will down there too.

This is just a guess, but perhaps you can find them at the Wenzao College bookstore.


I know you want a source in Gaoxiong, but honestly, even if looking in Taibei, you’re going to have a better selection if you order online from abroad and have them shipped in. The selection of foreign language resources for the seven or so languages we’ve looked into has been extremely disappointing. :2cents:

search.books.com.tw/exep/prod_se … key=french

Caves Books on WuFu Road.
3rd floor.

I ended up having to go to Taipei anyway, and got a textbook from a big Eslite store.

Thanks for the replies anyway!