Where Can I Find Graham Crackers

Honey or maple flavored, in or near Taipei. Hopefully not Costco.

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You’re in luck, Costco doesn’t sell them.

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Filipino grocers.

I think there are some Filipino grocers in the area around zhongshan elementary school MRT.

However, they don’t have the same taste as American ones.

Have you tried Carrefour?

In a pinch you can find Mcvitie Digestive Biscuits in any supermarket. They’re pretty similar. They’ll work fine for a cheesecake crust or something.

I’ve never found them in Taiwan. Any examples of Filipino grocers? I make a mean cheesecake and always have to make my own graham crackers or use another type of cookie. Not to mention - s’mores…

One of my favorite cheesecakes is with coconut cookie crust and lillikoi (passion fruit) cheesecake. Or guava paste swirled through.

If it’s for cheesecake crust, this baking DIY place had some homemade looking graham cracker flavored crumbly cookies. They are super friendly and would probably sell the individual ingredients.


I always say this, but … iHerb.

(Seriously, I’ve saved days and days of my life since I stopped embarking on day-long quests for ingredients and instead just made ordering from iHerb my first choice.)

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RT Mart sometimes has ready made graham cracker pie crusts. Check out the bakery section

I usually just make it instead of the day-long quest. It’s usually better than I can buy.

I’m too lazy to roll into a sheet. I flatten them with a rolling pin into round cookies.


Props for making your own. I only bought them for snores camping, so didn’t spend that time.

I have found them around changhua, taijhong, kaohsiung and pingtung Filipino shops. I wont make any comment comparing them to American ones. They were never great, but certainly in the realm of the right thing.

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It’s for my Filipina wife so the Filipino sources were the first places I looked, and I’ve only ever found them at one place and just once.

I ultimately had the people who import candy from the US (SunnyBuy on Ruten) to do a special order for them. It cost over $400 with shipping, but had I ordered some other stuff at the same time. Now that I look at iHerb, they do have an off-brand kind and it would have been slightly cheaper. Still, we got enough for two mango floats, so we’re good for awhile.

Taiwan government, and even people, ha e a pretty shallow and meaningless relationship with the Philippines unfortunately. There was a time mountain dew was harder to find due to shirty Taiwan fishermen getting shot at by shotty coast officers in the Philippines and thus the take home point was certain things were hard to get here

Unless things have changed, Mountain Dew (the American/Philippine version) can’t be sold in Taiwan because of one banned ingredient. There is a local version, but it’s crap. I can find the original on occasion in Filipino stores. RT-Mart was fined for selling the original. I’m hoping no one finds out where I get it.
Even after the shooting, there was plenty of San Miguel.

Yes, the beer is ok but not the dew. Only the Filipino shops seemed good at that sourcing pre shooting.

Though I see it in mall supermarkets when I go to the bigger cities now. Along with Dr pepper and a &w root beer.

Ironically I don’t drink soda/cola so not sure why I keep noticing them.

McVitie’s Oat Biscuits and kiwi fruit are like the poor man’s pie