Where can I find hot (jalapeno) chili sauce in Taipei?


I was hunting for hot jalapeno chili sauce today, but couldn’t find any in Taipei :frowning: .
The “best” selection I could find was in City Super with Nando , Anitas, Tapato, and Frank’s. Nothing in Jason’s (banqiao) / Costco (zhonghe) or Carrefour (ximen). I’m looking into wider selection (with ideally jalapeno).

Anyone would know where I can find this?


I’m sure I’ve seen Tabasco’s jalapeno sauce in Tienmu Carrefour, and a number of other Mexican brands of various stuff, wouldn’t be surprised

If you are in Taipei City and can make it to Nomad, I think the proprietor (@Nomad4ever) can sell you some of her otherworldly jalapeno sauce, crafted with specially selected peppers grown in Pingtung. More details about this quality shop are available here:


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Definately need to get the lpcal.made sauces. There are a lot of good ones arou d. Nomad, Eddys, Anitas etc are all quite good! Mail order is easy here.

I have
:fire:Jalapeño hot sauce $100 (made with fresh peppers grown in Taiwan)
:fire::fire:Chipotle hot sauce $120 (made with chipotle peppers imported from Mexico)
:fire::fire::fire:mango habanero hot sauce (made with fresh habanero peppers grown in Taiwan)


Oh wow! I wasnt sure if you made jars to sell or just had “in house”. Thats awesome. I live in the south but ha e been to nomads a couple times with friends and we all REALLY liked it!! Im vegetarian friends arent and we all were pretty stoked on the food. We had the mango habanero and I think the jalapeno. Im not a spicy food person but do love mango and habaneo haha!! They were ok with spicy, so loved it obviously

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All the hot sauces are vegan, and I can ship them to wherever you are with Black Cat refrigerated delivery service :hugs: