Where can I find inexpensive but high quality teapots?

Hi there!

Please–where can I find inexpensive but high quality teapots near Taoyuan?


I suppose it depends on what you mean by “inexpensive.” But you can find teapots of all shapes, sizes, and prices in Yingge. (I recommend avoiding the cheapo teapots from China.)

Since you’ve just arrived, you might use the occasion to pick up some plates, bowls, etc.

Yingge is a short train ride from Taoyuan. It’s worth a day trip.

I second Yingge - I bought a small, bone china western one from a road-side stand. It was 300NT and makes two cups.

Well, the airport gift shops have them in Taoyuan, but I agree with the suggestion of a day trip to Yingge. It’s a great little pottery town (go to the Old Street), and you can even have fun on a pottery wheel while you’re there.

I don’t know if the stores are still there, but if you leave the “center of town” and walk uphill for about 20 minutes (opposite direction from the museum etc.), you’ll likely save money.