Where can I find Isopods or 等足? I've been looking all over!

If that’s the case then I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them served in some of the restaurants in Jhuwei. It’s a run-down fishing village just west of the airport if the OP doesn’t know. They’ll be bloody expensive, though.

EDIT: I don’t think that is what the OP is after. The point stands, though, that if the OP is able to explain what they want then they will get it - at a price.

I am pretty sure Giant isopods cannot be found in Taiwan.


Insects as food is an interesting thing worldwide. Actually many non-marine/aquatic species tend to be sold as either a culturally acceptable thing (not as much here), freak show as you mention (Thailand) or as an expensive delicacy. Crickets in Taiwan are an old time favorite, they are found here still, often more easy to find people collecting them rather than selling them. cooked at home. But things such as ants, bee larva etc are quite an expensive treat. So places like better restaurants or weddings they are common place.

Snails are common as, strangely considering how dirty african land snails are and the diseases they pose. The marine species of snails are more common and perhaps cleaner.

Marine life seems far more suited to Taiwanese dishes. the stranger and rarer the better it seems. so if people are eating isopods, for example, they look more similar to land invertebrates, helps make the bridge towards the land based bugs as a logical source of food.

That’s true in tourist places, but they probably eat them there as much as anywhere. You’ll see a vendor with big trays of a number of choice items in many markets.

Ya exactly. Except water scorpions and cockroaches…those are for spiders and city tourists…