Where can I find Japanese Classes?


i’ve been working on chinese myself for the past few months and have been making good progress, so now i want to get the ball rolling on japanese. any suggestions from anyone out there who may have taken classes here? any good buxibans? any places to steer clear from?

i want the classes to be taught in chinese as well, so i can continue my improvement in my listening abilities.


Dear Swinger,

This guy is Japanese and speaks better Chinese than Englih. He’s doing his Master’s in history at Yangmingshan. Here’s his contact info:



Don’t make the same mistake as I did…In my head I keept reading the Kanji in Chinese and never really bothered to learn the Japanese pronounciation of it. Result: Even if I do understand a text perfectly, I still can’t read it out loud…=(


thanks for the tip, though i’d like to go the bushiban route from the beginning.

any other suggestions?

Any Idea where I can find Japanese classes during the Summer?

I just want to attend some random bushiban on the weekends (in Taipei) during the summer, and study some Japanese, but I haven´t been able to find any places that offer Japanese classes.

I don´t mind if the language used for instruction is Chinese, actually I would prefer it.

Anyhow, anyone have any idea where i can find Japanese classes? Dragonbones I know you that you once told me you took Japanese classes somewhere…

Thanks for the help guys.

Elite Laguage Center has Japanese instruction. They have several schools but I know that Japanese is offerred at the SOGO branch at Jhongxiao and Daan SW corner 5th floor. Sign outside.

I would put an ad on Taiwanted, the best place for your language instruction needs.

Berlitz offers Japanese. They have a branch right by City Hall.

China Youth Corps. Really cheap, rather good.

I signed up for mine through the community center at the NW corner of the intersection of San Min Rd. and Minsheng Rd. (I forget what floor), and then the class was administered in a building catercorner to that.

BTW, just FYI, there is also a thread on self-study materials over here in Open Forum.

I’m pretty sure TLI on Roosevelt Rd. offers Japanese. No clue about class specifics or cost though.


I wanted to know of any weekend/ night japanese language class’s aside from universities or community college in Taiwan? Could anyone describe to me how Japan Town is like in Taiwan? Links to images or videos would be great.

Thank you

I’m not sure I understand your post…if you wanna know what Japan looks like then just do a google search…it’s pretty easy to get a Japanese tutor, if that’s what you’re after I could suggest someone for you.

No no, I know how japan looks like, I use to live there. My question was about Japan Town in Taiwan. I heard their was such a place, but know of no other information of it. I have googled and have come up with nothing. Is there such a place in Taiwan (Japantown)? In terms of Japanese tutor, I was actually more interested in “cram class’s” or Japanese church/ temples that give Japanese language class’s for a marginal fee.


Taiwan has a Japan Town? :astonished:

I always wonder how the Japanese expats live in Taiwan.

I mean, for western expats, everything is in English. But I see no Japanese. What do the Japanese people do, who speak no Chinese?

I would really like to speak a day only in Japanese to the people here and see who speaks Japanese and who doesn’t :smiley: But I think they would answer me in English… :frowning: Or they would become angry (I still don’t know if I should talk to old people in Japanese… has anyone tried this? But the people who were still educated in Japanese must now be really old, shouldn’t they? Maybe like 80 or so?)

Taiwan has a Japan Town? :astonished:[/quote]

That’s what I have been told by a professor. Relationship of Taiwan and japan is completely different then that of China. People from Taiwan actually look favorably to Japanese. Again this is just through the grape vine and I can’t prove if it is fact or not. Which is why I am posting about it to see if people in this forum who live in Taiwan can give me an answer to this.I just thought in general everyone Asian hated Japanese. Anyone know?

Never heard of a Japan town…maybe tianmu? That’s where the Bilingual school Makiyo went to is, isn’t it?

if you want I could practice with you?


Linsen North Road has a lot of jiu dians, piano bars, brothels and restaurants that cater largely to Japanese businessmen. Maybe that’s what they mean by “Japan Town?” But if you’re white it will be VERY difficult for you to get into them. They tend not to be marked and they tend to have locked doors.