Where can I find JIF / GIF cleaning cream

I’ve looked at a lot of places in Taipei, including international supermarkets, and can’t find JIF cleaning cream (I think it might be called GIF in some markets or maybe that’s a rip-off product), or similarly effective cream (most of the cleaning products here seem to be water-like).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

I’ve seen it in various stores. Look in the jam and peanut butter section.


Thanks, I understand there is an edible product called JIF that is similar to jam/peanut butter (its referenced elsewhere on Forumosa). I’m looking for the cleaning product for sinks/surfaces etc.

I believe it’s called Cif here, you could try searching for it under that name instead if you’re looking online.

Thanks, yeah, I’ve seen that brand name used for that product (maybe in other countries, just I can’t find it in TW (although that online link might work but I’d prefer to buy it in a store). I’ve looked in so many supermarkets, dollar stores, international supermarkets and just can’t see it in the cleaning section (nor anything that look/works like it.)