Where can I find Lego?

Hi all, my son’s really getting into Lego (which makes me very happy). He’s especially into Star Wars Lego, which is pretty expensive to import (never a good deal on ebay, postage always adds quite a bit, etc).

Anyway, I’m just looking for places in Taipei that sell it.

I know Toys R Us sells it. Anywhere else?

There’s a Lego store in Tianmu (2F), near the Sri Lankan restaurant. But I’ve never been inside, so I don’t know how well stocked it is.

All of the big department stores sell it. ShingKong In Xinyi , Sogo (i believe), Miramar in Neihu. It’s very common.

As an aside, just a cautionary note – Dragonbabe says avoid the Chinese-made, off-brand Lego ripoffs, as the quality is very poor, the edges are often sharp, the pieces don’t fit well, etc.

Is that the “Mega-Blocks”, or some other knockoff?

Not sure, just the much cheaper off-brand types you find at local hypermarts, local mom & pop shops, and street-side vendors. I’m just reporting what she said. :idunno:

very well, and probably the best deals in town.

Wow, I had no idea. Thanks for that.

Hi Stuart, those are big places. Can you be more specific where in the stores I might find it?

Thanks for that. She is correct that some of the knock-offs are very poor (embarrassingly bad, in fact). However, others are absolutely fantastic (since you mentioned it, I’ve actually been trying out various different brands in recent months). One brand that stands out for its (good) quality is “Kazi”. Another is “Enlighten”. On a purely legal note, I believe Enlighten has got into a lot of trouble in the west for directly copying not only the Lego building blocks, but their actual models, packaging, etc. Kazi, on the other hand (and from what I understand) have their own model designs, although they do copy the Lego bricks.

In Shinkong in Xinyi I think its A8 (but if you’re lots ask at the reception desk and the girls there will tell you) that has the big Childrens toy floor. In Miramar there’s also a Childrens floor (6 maybe)

Just follow the toys!

There’s a shop in Miramar , 4th floor I think, that has a good deal of Lego.

Cool. thanks.

BTW, I’m specifically looking for this one, so if any of you happen to notice it, please do let me know:

Incidentally, there’s a very similar model that will NOT do, since it’s missing the all-important R2-D2 and C3PO. This one:

Shoot, I’m sure there are some elaborate Star Wars sets on display, and I was looking at the Lego just last weekend, but Sprout’s still too young for it so I didn’t bother looking too closely don’t remember which ones they had.

Did you try Ruten and PChome shopping? Items like this:

Just input Lego 8092 Star Wars in the search function.

plenty of star wars, though i don’t remember ever seeing a landspeeder. the tienmu store will order for you i’m pretty sure:


Cheapest price I found on ruten: goods.ruten.com.tw/item/show?21008052591003

This one’s price is “negotiable”, whatever that means: goods.ruten.com.tw/item/show?21012057241195

The latter claims the item is new, but says don’t bid if you’re picky about the quality of the item you receive, like saying ‘we’re not responsible for goods damaged during shipping’ or something.

Caveat emptor.

10 days to pick it up before Christmas, Stu. :thumbsup:

Incidentally, we’ll be visiting Legoland in San Diego over CNY. california.legoland.com/ This will be a first for all of us and it should be good, as my brother told me it’s better than Disneyland. If you want, maybe I could grab something for you there and haul it around the Western US for two weeks before flying it back here for you. But that wouldn’t be until February.

Those things? They play havoc with your heels when you step on them in the dark of the night.
I wish I could find Bilofix here. I used to love that when I was too wee for Meccano.

Thanks again, all.