Where can I find "lime juice" in Taichung?

Hi All,

Have been seeking bottled lime juice for ages. Something like “Rose’s Lime Juice” would be just fine! Cannot find it anwhere. If someone could give me a lead on where to get it, or even a market that might have fresh limes, I’d appreciate it.



With all the fruit on this island, you’re not having any luck finding limes? I assume they’re at the street side fruit stands…

Ask around for where the hawkers and restaurants get their supplies in your city. I’ve seen Rose’s lime juice, or something packaged very similarly, grenadine syrup etc, on sale at such a place.

Go to the specialty liquor stores(the ones selling wine and hard liquor) they have Rosa’s Lime juice there. You have to look for it as they normally only have a couple bottles well hidden. Have some one write down what you want in Chinese and look around and then ask.

If you just want to buy limes - I see them at Welcome (in Taibei) all the time. Instead of being called laimu they are called wuzi limeng. They are a little rounder and greener than the lemons and you usually have to buy them a few days before you want to eat them as they are hard as stone.
They might be sold as wuzi limeng in Taizhong as well.

“roses lime cordial” or a suitable rip-off thereof is easily available in Carrefour (Da Dun Road) and YuMaoWu supermarket (Gong Yi Road) in Taichung… and also in the specialist booze stores as mentioned above…

I too have seen Rose’s Lime Juice at Carrefour in Taizhong, but only at the one out near DaYa. I’ve seen Grenadine at the Carrefour on Da Duen (or however you want to spell it this week) but not Rose’s Limes.

They often have fresh limes too! And I’ve even seen Sunkist lemons there once. They were actually YELLOW!

Thanks EVERYONE for your replies. I appreciate the new leads to check out! I also have tried the Carrefour on Da Dun Road, but have never had any luck finding any lime juice or facsimile thereof. I’ll try the Welcome market - I know I’ve seen at least one in Taichung before - just cannot remember where! :? Hopefully I’ll have a chance to check out the Carrefour in DaYa as well.

Thanks again!


Try the American Supermarket on Chungching Rd. near the intersection of 74. It’s south about 1 KM, on the right as you head into Taichung. Look for the little white sign that says “Imported Cheeses.” The main sign says Bakery Supply store.


Thanks for letting me know about the American Supermarket. Would you be able to give me a bit more information as to where on Chungching Road it might be located though? I drove the road yesterday. and maybe I’m just totally blind, a dunce, or a bit of both, but I couldn’t find any signs for “74”, and I cannot find a “74” on either of my maps. Any specifics you could give me, or other landmarks would be very much appreciated. Thanks! :smiley:


Sure. You know if you follow Chungching Rd all the way up, you hit the old Highway 1. Just before that is a massive intersection. That’s 74 or the Chungchang Express, that connects Chang/hua and Tai/chung. 74 should be right there on your map…

Now, imagine coming back down from the highway along Chungchung Rd to Taichung. The American store will be on the right side of the road. There are no “landmarks” there – I mean, there is a furniture store across the road, and a betel nut stand next to the store, but the betelnut/furniture store combination is quite common in Tai/chung!

If you hit Houchuang Rd, you’ve gone too far. The store’s main sign says "Bakery Goods and there is a betelnut stand next to it, not a booth, just a girl with a counter and a table. There is a city bus stop on the other side where no parking is allowed. The store also has a little white sign that sticks out and says “imported cheeses.”


Hi Michael,

Thanks for the details. Still don’t see any Highway 74 on the maps I have, but I’ll try again anyway. The way you describe it, it seems like it’s northern Taichung correct? On one of the maps it shows Chungching Road as Highway 1 along with a Chinese character which sort of resembles a letter ‘Z’. It also shows Chungching Road/Highway 1Z, intersecting with Freeway 1 and going as far as Wenhsin Road when Chungching becomes Ta Ya Road. Do I have the right one/area?

Thank you again,


Oh! I forgot about that store! It’s a goldmine for imported American food, but you pay goldmine prices too. It’s worth it though.

Here’s my directions - after you buy your lime juice at the Carrefour on Taya Road (I know they have it there, and it’s way cheaper), head down Taya Road towards Taichung city. Somewhere it changes to ChungChing Road. Go through the hugeanemous intersection that crosses the freeway (it has an equally large gas station on the right).

Continue for another km and you will cross a canal, and arrive at a smaller but significant intersection that has a big furniture store on the far right corner. It’s a T-shaped intersection, so you can go straight or right, but not to the left. If you look to the right, you will see the road dips down and then back up again, and has large retaining walls on either side, holding back the flow and stench of the large canal. I’ve heard people refer to this as “The Airport Road” several times before, and it does head that way. I suspect this is they Hwy 74 Michael is referring to.

Go through the intersection, and go about 2 blocks, then slow down and keep looking to the right. The store is within the next 1 to 5 blocks. It IS there, but it is EXTREMELY difficult to see. It’s past the Mercedes dealer by one or two blocks, and it is in the middle of the block, not at an intersection. It says something about “Bakery Goods” in English, but I don’t remember the exact name.

The only other landmark I can think of is that there is a place to make a U-turn right after the store. Most of the road has a median, but there is a break in the median about 20 meters after the store.

If you pass a McDonalds on your left side, you’ve gone too far. If you hit Wenhsin Road, you’ve gone WAY too far. (Like 15 minutes too far)

This store is not a supermarket, it’s a micro-market. A true mom & pop. They specialize in bakery supplies and have all sorts of good stuff! DEFINITELY worth a trip!

Enjoy! I think I’m gonna have to head over there this weekend now…


The Airport Road" several times before, and it does head that way. I suspect this is they Hwy 74 Michael is referring to.

Yes. There should be a sign above it. We always come from the city, so we do a u-turn just before there.


Thanks Karen AND Michael!

Appreciate all the details. Will try again this weekend. Just got a new microwave/convection oven combo so, I’m anxious to try baking something now!

Again, MANY thanks! :smiley:


Karen & Michael - - -

A little late I know, but I just wanted to let you know that I found the
bakery store. Took a little doing and about 3 U-turns, but finally saw
the sign through the driving rain last Saturday.

Was able to get a bunch of good stuff. Yep, the prices were a bit steep,
but even double those prices, it’s still worth it!

So, “THANKS” very much to both of you for your help in getting there.
Appreciate it!!! :slight_smile:


No problem. I went there on Sunday, forgetting that it was closed…

In case people are still looking for it…it’s actually called Ming Fong.

public.fotki.com/Shimmertje/secr … 00112.html