Where can I find Liquor filled Chocolates Kaohsiung

Does anyone know where I can find Liquor filled chocolates in Southern Taiwan or by mailorder?

Just make your own. Really easy. Just buy a bottle of your favorite rum and a pound of bulk chocolate. Melt the chocolate. Dip the bottle in the chocolate and let cool. Not sure why you want to go to all this trouble. Much easier to drink the rum from the bottle and take an occasional bite of the chocolate. :loco:

Costco in Kaohsiung used to have some - might be worth making a call to ask.

Maybe he just wants to get his cats drunk. Dogs will lap up alcohol, they are dogs and don’t care. Cats have to be coaxed into it. You have to spice the alcohol with tuna or something. I wouldn’t recommend chocolate, it can have bad side effects for animals, like death.

I just saw some at the FongShan A+1 store. If they have them there, they should have them at any A+1 in Kaohsiung. I think there were 6 - 8 chocolates filled with various liquors. Price was about $250 I think. Was going to buy them, but thought it was a bit too pricey for what you get.