Where can I find Martial arts teaching for beginners?

Dear All

I wonder if anyone could advise me as to were to go to learn aome martial arts, either thai kick boxing or Wing Chun Kung Fu for beginners.
I am in Taipei and have all evenings free.

Many thanks for the help


I have a friend who does Ba Gua (sp). I’ll ask him for a telephone number.

Many thanks for the prompt reply, that would be great cheers matey:)

can’t answer your question. Just want to recommend a book, “Chinese Boxing; masters and methods” by Robert W. Smith. He was out here in the 1960s with the U.S. military and studied numerous martial arts under the leading masters. Fascinating reading. I ordered a copy through Amazon.com

No good Thai boxing in Taiwan that I know of, maybe sanshou. Lo Man Kam teaches Wing Chun up near Bate and Dunhua. Francis left a bunch a posts about teaching near Shida on this site. If you are big or athletic I may have a couple of more suggestions.

[quote=“chainsmoker”]Francis left a bunch a posts about teaching near Shida on this site.[/quote]I suppose you mean [url=http://groups.msn.com/francisszeto/]Francis Szeto (Sīt

Just out of curiosity, what does Francis do at Interlink?

I am big (6’2"/95kg) and athletic. I spend most of my exercise time strength training, running, and hiking. I’m looking to supplement my routine with some local martial arts training. I’ve studied Kempo and Tai Kwon Do in the States, enjoyed the physicality and the emphasis on practical use. I’m not interested in softly humming chants and flopping my arms in wide, swan-like circles. What do you recommend?


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My friend doesn’t have a number for his Ba Gua intsructor. But you can go to CKS Hall (outside one of the theatres) at 8PM on Tues, Thur, Fri, Sat and join in once you have spoken to the intructor. NT$4000 a month for 4 sessions a week.


Try the kung fu links on this website.
This is where I found my school.

Hi, I would be able to teach you muay thai…ive trained for years and have fought at international level including bangkok…if you are interested or anyone else for that matter…leave a message here or contact me at darthvader@evilbastards.com