Where can I find nice CHEESE?


I am dying for some Camembert and Brie.
Anyone know of a shop where I might be able to find these cheeses?


No seriously you can find some cheese (although limited) at Carrefour or check in the basement of The Mall there is a small deli (well kind of a deli) they have a good selection of cheese.

Be warned it ain’t cheap.


Supermarkets often have it. Try Wellcome, but depends on the branchg. grandma Nittis in Shida or two lanes down at the Mami store. That Deli omn Chungshan N Rd in Tianmu. The basement supermarket at the Breeze mall.




now this is something I do know a thing or two about.

The Far East Plaza on Dunhua South has a decent selection in the delicatessen in their basement food market. They also have some sausages, meats and such stuff.

The new Breeze supermarket on the crossing of Civic Blvd. and Fuxing has a fair selection of cheese in their delicatessen.

The Wellcome on the crossing of Chunghsiao and Ta-an Rd (the Tinghao Square) finally opened up recently after the Nari typhoon flooding, and to my great joy they had the good taste to add a very good delicatessen counter. Once again, you’ll find a good variety of cheeses and meats, as well as barbecued chicken and sometimes spare ribs.

In Tien-mu, there are two or three places as well. There is one on the right hand side of Chungshan Rd section six going north, just before you get to Cafe Laurent and the other cafe next to it. A bit further down in the direction of Taipei on the opposite side of the road, you have G & G’s. Then there is Ulli’s German place on Keqiang Street, still further down in the direction of Taipei. When you hit Keqiang (Ke-chiang?), take a right, and then it’s on your left hand side a bit down the road. They have more meats and sausages, though, but also some cheese.

All of these places also sport an OK selection of red wines. White wines don’t seem to match with Taiwanese tastes, but if you can, get a sweet white wine (or an ice wine, which is really sweet) to go with a well matured Gorgonzola (at least the Wellcome always carries it) or any other strong blue cheese. Simply lovely!

If anyone knows of a place with more than four or five different white wines, please post. The warmer it gets, the less I feel like heavy red wines and the more I long for good, cool white wines.



Couple more cheese places:
Eslite (Tunhua branch) downstairs
Mitsukoshi 2 (the new one near Warner village) food court.


Thanks guys - guess I’m going shopping!


P, I have only one word to say to you – BREEZE!

Get your arse down there as soon as possible and you’ll find not many white wines, but what they do have… Mmmmmmmm.

The usual overpriced Chablis, etc., of course, but check out the Croze Hermitage, and several other whites from the Tain area of the Cotes du Rhone region. These wines are no more expensive than the ubiquitous Jacob’s Creek available in Wellcome (roughly between NT$350 and NT$500), but in terms of quality, there’s really no comparison.

I look forward to reading your effusive thanks that will surely be forthcoming after you’ve checked out these beauties!


You’ll get a thanks right now, Sandman. I haven’t been to Breeze for a while, so I guess I’ll just pop across Civic Blvd and check these treasures out.



The new RT Mart store in Neihu called Neihu 2, located just off Min Chuan East road after the Min Chuan Bridge has a good selection of cheeses, ranging from the ubiquitous Gouda and Edam etc to Camembet, Brie, mature farmhouse cheddars from the UK and many others.
The prices are a little steep, and the staff have no real idea of how to cut, serve or anything else, but they are at least friendly.
RT Mart is membership only, but you can apply for that at the door and then go straight in, but forms are all in Chinese so if you cant read chinese then take someone who can.


How about Costco? THey have both Brie and Camabert. I’d guess the prices would be hard to beat. Solid wine selection, too - again at very attractive prices.


Yep, Costco. You can get massive hunks for cheap, of all sorts. To join, just bring a friend and you can split the membership fee. I think that makes it $600 ea. and well worth it. Don’t forget to bring loads of cash because they don’t take credit cards, except Costco ones. Weird.