Where can I find organic coffee beans?

Hello! Does anyone know of a local coffee shop in Taichung that supplies fresh roasted organic coffee beans? I’ve seen organic beans only at Costco ( they are currently out, and they weren’t very fresh), or Dan D Pak, but I’m looking more for a small local roaster where they might be fresher.

Organic will be harder to find. Try asking at Mojo, Orsir, or Cafe Lulu for starters. They’ll have pretty broad selections, but organic will be limited to just a few–if any at all.

i can get you unroasted beans right form the mountains if you want. all organic and farmed under shade. would need to roast yourself.

I have a roaster, so that might be interesting for me. How much per kg? What’s the quality like?

I am pretty busy until mid week. It will require a drive into the mountains, will message a price per kg by or on next weekend. if i dont, get on me about it i probably will have forgotten to send it to you.

Don’t make any special trips just for this. I’m more curious than anything. I know Taiwanese quality isn’t as high as Africa and Central America, yet the price is high because of cost of living here compared to elsewhere. Only do this the next time you’re in the area. It would also help if you could get the elevation of the farm as well.

Thanks! I’ll ask those coffee shops. I don’t have a roaster so I’d rather find a shop that does them.

ok no will do. elevation is 800-1200 meters mostly.