Where can I find Pepto-Bismol?

Where can I find Pepto-Bismol? Or Kaopectate?

perhaps not helpful, but i have never seen either. i kind of remember getting something similar to kaopectate prescribed by a doctor years ago.

The thread on kaopectate is over HERE.

In particular, I’m looking for a preparation that contains bismuth subsalicylate. Perhaps I’ll just ask the pharmacist.

I’ve been looking for some pepto with no success. Anyone know where I can get some? I’m in Khh but should be in Taipei on the weekend so could buy some some there (if anyone knows where).

My search found a thread in health and fitness which doesnt say much but I’m a lil intrigued by the associated stuff, pectolin/kaopectate, etc. I just want to take some on my trip to India in a month because it sure helps when rajs revenge flares up. Since the chemical component is virtually the same in both products could I just substitute one for the other (pending on finding it)?

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I had someone ship me a box of the Pepto-bismol tablets. They’re lighter so they’re cheap to mail to Taiwan, and also easier to carry when traveling.

I never did find pepto here. I had to bring a bottle back from the US.

Thanks for the replies guys. Guess I’m gonna have to find an alternative.

I got pepto tablets at WATSONS in Taipei no problem (but that was a few years ago).

The small “Imodium” pills with Loperamide HCl 2 work like a miracle, but not sure if they are here.