Where can I find Philips Norelco beard trimmer in Taipei?

Hello, I am new to Taipei. I am searching for a beard trimmer of Philips in Taipei. Can anyone help?

Beard trimmers are the kind of thing you want to buy on Shopee, unless you want to pay 3 times more in a local shop/Carrefour or go wandering around the pet shops.

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I tried to find in Shopee, but the cost are too high. :frowning:

I’ve no idea about this particular brand or what counts as “too high” for you. I find that the prices on Shopee are generally pretty reasonable though (because of competition and the ability of users to compare prices), so if the price on Shopee is too high, I doubt you’ll find it cheaper elsewhere. Even if you can find it at all offline, I’m quite sure it’ll be a lot more expensive.

Maybe consider buying a different brand then, such as a local one? This is the one I bought a couple of years ago - no complaints.

Phillips has spots in all department stores. And in many 3C electronics type shops.

The prices in those stores seem high to me. So I buy when traveling.

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@tango42 thanks

Sogo has a few. Top floor outside the Sony shop.

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If anyone’s interested, I’ve put together an English guide for Shopee:


You sure? Thanks a ton!

Yes. I needed to replace the cord on my razor though if they wouldn’t have had it, they had a few options that were decent.