Where can I find Sailor Moon 美少女戦士 items?

This is probably worth a long shot but I’m hoping to find my friend any Sailor Moon/美少女戦士 merchandise at Taiwan. She’s a huge collector and I remember owning all the stickers and dolls when I was little nearly 20 years ago. But I’m not sure where to look? Old bookstores, toy stores… I know places like shopping malls don’t have these toys anymore.

I’m hoping to find places around Taipei :pray:

Try the underground Taipei Mall, the oldest one. There are lots of stores dedicated to anime, and I recall recently seeing a cute plastic model of Sailor Moon and friends. I think I even saw a costume at the Wangnien Building in Ximenting.

Oh, it’s a little hard to find it now. Sometimes I see it on notebooks and stuff like that in stationery stores, and in people homes. I would probably try to screen yahoo bid and ruten.com.tw for that.