Where can I find Salsa lessons? Swing? Tango?

I’ts finally caught up with me. I live in South and Central America for, what, three lousy months? Then, suddenly, out of the blue, halfway across the world I have this uncontrolable drive to salsa!

But I have largely forgotten how. After a fun if akward night at Brown Sugar of dragging various poor girls around the floor while shamelessly mixing ballroom, swing, and the few shreds of Salsa I remember, I have realized that I really need to brush up.

Brown sugar claims on their website to have lessons on Sunday nights, but said lessons do not seem to exist.

Does anyone know of a place that offers a “X hours of lessons, then dance the night away” plan?

How about a club for latin dance?

Barring that, anyone know a 1 on 1 instructor I could hire when I’m less broke?

Come to mention it, if you know a good place for swing, jitterbug, foxtrot, or even ballroom, post it!

I want to learn Tango; I had one lesson in Berlin, and loved it. Of course, in Germany tango is so hip I could barely see over my pelvis by the time the night was over. Conversely I have been told that, in Taiwan, my best bet for finding a tango partner would be geriatric ward raids.

:help: Any able bodied ladies out there looking for a tango partner?

Apologies to the brilliant late Mr. Adams, BTW.

Go to “Barrio”.
Use the search function.

see past thread


student level not that good though and I don’t know about Tango.

There are 2 places right behind where my office is in the corner of Dun Hua and Nanking in Taipei, I’ll check the phone number and let you know.