Where can I find Sauza Tequila (or anything but JCuervo)

I made my last marguerita last night, and have nothing but Jose Cuervo left in the house from the move… does anyone know where to find any other Tequilas?

I’ve been to Orange Marts in Hsinchu, Welcome Mart, Costco Neihu, and several local shops, but so far to no avail!


I think you can find Herradura at some of the local stores. Try 橡木桶.


Costco may well have a good selection of Tequila.
At least, they do in the USA. I thought I saw it at the
Taipei Costco too. Maybe phone 'em first.

Tequila is for posers. Be a man and drink Mezcal…con gusano!


recently went down to the “yuandong” department store on the corner of chunghua rd and hengyang rd in hsimending, they had a mexican products promotion and had quite a few bottles of mezcal and tequila i’d never seen before.