Where can I find sneakers?


I’ve been reading posts here on the site for a while now but just joined since my arrival is getting closer. I’m a total sneaker nutcase so leaving most of my babies behind in Sweden will be hard for me. Thus I need to know where to find some new ones. I know that you can find loads of rare sneakers in HK but haven’t been able to find any info on the Taipei scene. Please help me out, where are the best stores for hot sneakers in Taipei?


I’ve spotted some funky sneakers (and clothes too) at IDEE, right beside the Chungshan MRT, one station north of the Main station.

Any special stores or is the district just full of 'em?

don’t know what the scene is like in Sweden, but don’t worry pal, you’ll find of loads to like in Taipei/Taiwan. At least, the scene here is miles beyond what I can find in Canada. The only warning is that you pretty much have to be a US size 8 or smaller. I’m a US size 12 so being here is just incredibly frustrating.

As for rare sneakers, yes, go to Ximending. There’s a few stores there with ‘rare’ sneakers (aka. most stuff you see on ebay going for bannana prices). If I had an address or a name, I’d tell you. But you’ll love to go and explore Ximending anyway, so just go and search it out. The sneaker watching there alone is worth it (the Taiwanese have a lot of fun with sneakers). And while not rare, almost all of the regular sport stores have an amazing variety of colours and designs. Another good place to find quantity of sneakers is Shilin Night Market. A lot of shops.

If anyone has an idea where to find big, size 12 sneakers, please let me know ASAP!

Oh, and Eddie G, when you get over, send me a PM. I’m a sneaker fiend and haven’t found another person here whose as passionate as I am when it comes to footwear.

The scene here is ok. It has really developed in recent years. I used to have to go to London just to score just five years ago. Check out sneakersnstuff.com that’s the biggest player around here when it comes to exclusives.

I’m a 10.5, damn. I hope I’ll find some stuff. In the worst case I’ll just have to make a trip to HK.

I’ll most definitely send you a PM when I arrive and have settled in somewhat. Sneakerfiends unite :smiley: