Where can I find Taiwanese food?

As the title says. Thanks!

In Taiwan! Jeez! :roll_eyes:

Just follow the smell of burning grease…

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Do you mean Hakka, Kojia (koja) or plain Taiwanese?

L.A. has pretty good Taiwanese food…



it seems that the topic has been already discussed and it seems to be rather controvert!

I’m guessing Our Lord and Saviour is just spamming the board with silly questions (which ATM?!), but for me at least this question isn’t absurd. I know I’m not the only one on the board who isn’t a big fan of Taiwanese food - it’s fine, but it’s more fuel than an enjoyable dining experience. I’d welcome recommendations of specific restaurants and dishes that could change my opinion of the local food. (In Danshui in particular.)

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What does make you think that?

Let’s talk about Trump!

It’s current year, the correct term is “problematic” !

He’s more of a Mexican food fan…especially those taco bowls.

The most representative specialty in Danshui is a-gei (阿給). The aroma of boiled gym socks combined with the texture of some kind of sweaty tree fungus. Bon appetit!

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i’m not sure how people can have such a strong dislike of taiwanese food. i would describe it as mild and soupy. its just basic stuff, doesn’t provoke a strong emotion in me.

Hence my question, and that’s why I seldom eat it. There must be better food out there beyond the acceptable but dull “basic stuff”. OK, I don’t exactly trust the Taiwanese love of their cuisine, but all those Koreans and Japanese who come here to eat must be on to something.

Take two a-gei and call me in the morning.

i got no problems with ah gei!

Stinky tofu, beef noodles, the ‘famous’ dumpling place, that’s probably why they come.

Take two iron eggs and call me in the morning? (do you, like, not have a gag reflex?)

It’s either on the corner or around the corner.

@tempogain, there are similar threads previously posted and they weren’t temped. The topic has drawn some attention and there are interesting questions and discussions on this thread.

Why do you temp my thread about 7/11 and ATMs? Oh wait, this one is about Taiwanese food. My objections remain valid, though.

Depends on what you’re looking for. Even for a small island, many delicacies are from different parts. Tainan has some of my favorite Taiwanese cuisine. Taipei mostly just has a bunch of food from different parts of taiwan together.