Where can I find the LG Prada Phone and when?

Where can I find the LG Prada phone? Similar to the iphone.

You can find it in 全虹通訊
When?End of this month.

Its a bit girly tho

I am looking forward to Nokia N95.

Maybe a bit girlie, but looks almost like the iphone. Have to see more than picture before deciding. But the video review on CNET looks pretty cool as it has quite a few functions even video, bluetooth and MP3. Just no wifi yet I think.

Maybe a play phone until the iphone is available here.

That’s a damn fine looking phone. How much will it be? Any ideas? And what sort of things can it do aside from the usual basic phone functions?

What’s girly about a phone that’s square and black?


What’s girly about a phone that’s square and black?


The name and the logo? Would you buy a
[color=violet]Britney Spears Fashion Phone [/color]
that prominently displayed its brand name on the device? Different girly name, but same idea, no?

A trip down touchscreen phone history. LG Prada was the first touchscreen phone in ~2006 even before the iPhone. I bought the LG Prada phone back then before the iPhone came out less than a year later. People commonly asked me how it works without buttons and how can it be a phone and not just a personal planner. So I would say imagine taking your personal planner device and combining with a phone. The question was usually “why”?

They screwed up their marketing by pairing with PRADA and making it expensive for the few, instead of making it competitively priced.

It was just too expensive for mass market at US$850 at a time when we still using cheap push button phones like Nokia, etc.

I remember thinking that iPhone just copied LG when the iPhone first came out.