Where can I find the movie "Annie"?

does anyone know the movie called “Annie”? and where can I find this movie? i watched this about 15-20 years ago.

I can’t say I’ve seem it in my regular trolling of the 2nd hand bins at various places around taipei but it may turn up. If you are really desperate you could try amazon.com

IMHO it was a bit of a stinker as a movie, trying terribly hard to be cute and adorable but ending up strained and humourless.

Not that I advocate such practices but you could try the file-sharing scene…

Where are you from, gegster? Play.com is great if you have a contact in the uk that can send it across to you. I’d say it’s even better than Amazon (apart from not posting to Taiwan).

I’ve had no problems having stuff posted by amazon (US and UK stores) to Taiwan - have you?

Ermm… that’s what I’m trying to say. Amazon DO post to Taiwan, Play doesn’t. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.


Is it this one?

The sun will come out tomorrow.

Bet yer bottom dollar. :wink:

sorry too much beer…

Thanks everyone :notworthy:

I think it’s just been re-issued here. I just saw it in a CD shop behind the Shin Kong Tower. I’m sure others will have it.