Where can I find weightlifting chalk

So I’m back to lifting weights at the smallish gym at one of the nearby universities. I’d like to get some weightlifting chalk for deadlifts, etc, so I can keep my hands dry and avoid callouses.

Probably pretty farfetched, but does anyone know if they sell any in Taiwan? If not, I have to order it off Amazon and have my mom/sister send it to me.

Not seen it here. Doesn’t mean its not available, just not seen it used.

Maybe MONSTER can help with this.

Baby powder will work just as well. Also white tape on the bar or hands(palms).

Cool, I might look into baby powder. Thanks.

MP -
Try the unscented kind. There is a difference. And like I said, white tape works well also.
Keepth thy back straight Bro.

Weightlifting/power lifting talc is actually mixed in with a form of sugar for added grip. You mentioned relief from calluses but I have never had ‘relief’ from them. The pressure of heavy weights on your hands will cause calluses regardless. Compression of the skin and all that blah blah blah.

The quick answer to your question is that I don’t know where to get the talc you’re looking for in Taiwan. I can, however, recommend an alternative - sponges. Plain, multicolored (they come in mixed packs of purple, yellow, blue, pink, red, orange, ect), dish sponges. Back home you could get a pack of 12 at the dollar store. No soap additives and shit like that. Just the plain deal.

Would that be the same as climbers chalk? You can get that here in some of the hiking shops that sell climbing gear.

It must be pretty heavy.

Nearly every upper-end outdoor store has it.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure climber’s chalk would work as well.

I’m not exactly looking for “relief” from callouses… but deadlifting becomes difficult when your palms are sweaty and the weights keep dropping. Of course, I could use a mixed hook grip, but chalk just makes it easier to maintain a grip on the weights. Any climbing/outdoor stores in Taichung I could visit?

The strangest thing of all is that the gym doesn’t have chalk for its weights. Have you asked them if they have it?

No, they definitely don’t have it. It’s a very small gym on the campus where I work, which is a very small “university.” There isn’t much of anything, to be quite honest, but they have a barbell and assorted weights, so I can do my squats, bench, deadlift, and row. It’s just enough to get the job done.

Sponges sounds good. My dumbells have a blue ‘sponge’ grip on them. Surprisingly durable. I thought they would tear-away pretty quick but seem to be doing well after 2 years of regular use/abuse.

As MONSTER mentioned…buy a pack at the cheap store and see how they work. If no good, use 'em for clean-up at home…lol.

That is because it’s the same thing.

“Climbers’ chalk” and “weightlifters’ chalk” (and “gymnasts’ chalk”) is chalk, generally magnesium carbonate, perhaps with a drying agent.

If they gym doesn’t have it, that probably means that they don’t want it and I would ask before using it.

Another option is the resin bags that pitchers use. The stuff is invisible and keeps your hands really dry. Some brands are stickier than others so I would try it out in the store first.

Every store that sells chalk bags have chalk, the latter generally hidden under the counter somewhere as it isn’t exactly a sexy product that will fly off the shelf.

Have you got a gymnastics team/club at your university? They should have some.

Nope… no gymnastics team.

You could try the chemist supply stores in Taibei at Tianshui St., and ask for MgCO3. Just write that down and show it to them, to see if they can provide it.

I’m going to be in Taipei this weekend… does anyone know a store where I can buy weightlifting/gymnast/climbing chalk? Address and phone number would be great!


The climbing shops below sell climber’s chalk (yes, it’s the same stuff):

Taipei - Ting San Iou, on Chung Shan N. Rd #22; 02-23110089. Near Taipei Station.
Taichung - Sun & Tree Outdoors. Several locations; one is near Tung Hai University. Taichunggang Rd #7-59 (??) 04-26337015.

The square 2-oz blocks are cheapest and should run about 40 NT, or you can get a 1-pound box of 8 blocks for 200-300NT.