Where can I find Windows XP in English (legal)?

Would anyone be able to help me to locate Windows XP in English(legal)?

Thanks in advance.

Buy it on microsofts website and they’ll ship it to you, as will most online vendors.

Go to Kuang hua, their open today and it’s available at the games store on Bade road. Just at the lady behind the counter for an English copy of XP and she will ask you for 6000nt (or so). It will be OEM not a retail box but no matter.

[quote=“SuperS54”]Buy it on microsofts website and they’ll ship it to you, as will most online vendors.[/quote]No they won’t, neither will most online vendors. Unless you can show us a link. Guang Hua may have English OEM versions, I haven’t checked. www.shinyimports.com can get retail versions.

I just bought an ‘intalled’ or ‘OEM’ copy from CanKu in Neihu (that oval yellow bldg behind Costco.) They had to order so will take 3-4 weeks for delivery. Paid a bit over NT$6,000. Canku has several outlets in Taipei I would think …

OK maybe I should not have said “games” store. It is a software store on Bade and the only software store on the street…the rest are tucked away in those portables that use to be under the (now gone)bridge. This store carries all versions of windows in Chinese and English and Office and all the adobe products. They also carry alot of anti virus software but not alot of English versions of that. I know for a fact they carry it because I have bought 2 copies for my self and many copies for friends or ppl in need over the years. No waiting for ordered copies. The store is closer to Jinshan road then it is to Shensheng road.

Go to windows update with a non-valid install, you’ll be given the option to pay for a genuine license, an online install check and a CD mailed to you, English and Taiwan are acceptable inputs, haven’t gone any further with it. I’d find it extremely unlikely that they would refuse to send it to you, I’ve received free SP2 cd’s in the mail (English version). Online vendors doesn’t exclude Taiwanese firms, and I somehow doubt they’ll refuse to ship to Taiwan.

forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … sh+windows
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … sh+windows
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … sh+windows
forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … sh+windows

I walked into a store on BaDe Street in Taipei, and bought a new genuine OEM version of Vista Home Premium for $4790nt. They also had the retail copies in stock. XP was also available, in OEM or retail.

The shop is at Bade Rd Sec 1 No. 72. Phone: 23973802

They have English OEM versions of XP Home for $NT3990 and XP Pro for $NT5690

I was wondering if they were upgrade versions then I realised that “OEM” is mutually incompatible with “upgrade”

Pulling out my receipt here, turns out I paid NT$5,580 … not sure why I wrote NT$6,000+ … but I’ve been shopping a lot so likely got the number confused. Still, NT$100 is not much to save in order to wait 3-4 weeks. Oh well …

I have a brand new boxed unopened original copy of Windows XP Pro for sale. This was mailed directly`to me by Microsoft. I paid NTD5,382 for it.

If anybody is interested in it then please Pm me. Offers welcome.