Where can I get a Baseball Mitt?

Where will I be able to lay my hands on a baseball mitt?

Any ideas?

Try Tesco

Tesco is too far to get to by tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks though

Try Dingzhou Rd, just before the Jilung Rd intersection. According to the print version of today’s China Post (Off the Rails column) they have new and used stuff, including baseball mitts. But why would you need a mitt? When I was at school, the girls playing rounders just needed navy blue panties and plimsolls. :wink:


unlike the other poster boys on this site I know why you need a mit. Andy its got nothing to do with Diana Chen and your secret fantasies. There should be some extra mits out there on Saturday. We will also have A fella byy the name of Hsiao Hei out there peddaloing gloves from a big blak bag. His a manufacturer/retailer and an old firend of the league.



So I need not worry as i’ll be able to pick one up tomorrow at TAS?

And Sandman, I know it’s sad, but this Cricket World Cup as got me all wet and 'm dying to hit a ball. Softball, it seems, is my only outlet. Nevertheless after having watched a corporate-league game last sunday, I’m more than a little smitten with softball.

At a minimum there will be loaners. If for some reason neithr promised event transpires, you can use mine.