Where can I get a pair of eyeglasses and contacts in Taipei?

looking for a place that has a very good selection of competitively price eyeglasses and contact lenses in Taipei. How is the quality on the eyeglasses and contact lenses? Has anybody had any problems with contact lenses made in Taiwan?

Searching forumosa did not reveal very many answers to your question,
a question which I’m wondering about too.

I’m looking for a really huge eyeglass store with a large selection, if anyone knows of one. Or one that has some taste, and the entire Armani line in stock, and is ready to special order the right size frame rather than sell what’s in stock.

Failing that, there’s a concentration of small stores around NTU and the Gonguan MRT stop. There are also 24 hour eyeglass stores here. You can get (limited selection) frames with (standard) lenses for 900 out the door. If you’re looking at something fancier for like 5000 you can try to bargain for 10% off, maybe 20% is pushing it.

You were looking for contact lenses and probably much of the above applies.